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The Touchstone Survey offers a suite of survey tools used to collect the opinions and views of your people at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Our Solutions

Opinion Survey

The Touchstone Survey evaluates the levels of trust, satisfaction, wellbeing, opinions on leadership and overall engagement within employee populations. Improved engagement levels lead to better outcomes at individual, team and organisational level and we work with you to convert the survey outputs into higher engagement levels.

Wellbeing Survey

Wellbeing is more than just the physical health of your employees. Wellbeing is psychological, financial, physical and social. Employees who believe that their employer has their best wellbeing interests at the forefront of what they do will be more productive, responsive and forgiving.

New Starter Survey

First impressions matter, you have invested in the recruitment process to get the best person for the job so it makes sense to ask them how they are feeling about working for your company. With 33% of new employees looking for a new role in the first 6 months you cannot ignore the people newest to your business.

Exit Survey

Last impressions matter, people leave businesses for all sorts of reasons; asking them why is a great opportunity for you to see if there is anything you need to improve or what great things you should continue with.

Pulse Surveys

Ask the right people the right questions, at the right time with our pulse survey solution.

Touchstone Analytics

Bring all of this data together with a suite of dashboards that allow you to interpret results, spot trends and deliver meaningful insights, all in real-time.

Why Touchstone?

We work with you, onsite, in person. We don’t just take your money and send you a report. We're committed to continously improving our solutions and coming up with better ways to gather data, measure key people metrics and present data back to you.

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